Time to Re-assess Market Risks/Rewards?

According to Jim Parker, Vice President, DFA Australia Limited, understanding investment risk begins with accepting that “the market itself has already done a lot of the worrying for you.” As Parker notes, “Markets are highly competitive, which means that new information is quickly built into prices. Instead of trying to second guess the market, you work with it and take the rewards that are on offer.”

To put yourself in the best position to “take the rewards,” it’s wise to work with an advisor to build a diversified portfolio designed to meet your long-term goals – and meet periodically to review your progress and make necessary changes to ensure you are still on course.

If the Great Recession has altered your perception of risk, now may be a good time to meet to re-assess your risk tolerance. Remember, how much risk you decide to take involves assessing three inter-related factors: your future goals; your age and investment time horizon; and additional personal factors such as your current net worth and natural temperament.

As you consider where you fit in the risk spectrum, remind yourself of the Catch 22 inherent in the risk and return equation. That is, while Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines risk as “possible loss or injury,” risk also is present in opportunities that will be lost if you totally avoid risk. The simple truth, according to Parker, is: “If there were no risk, there would be no return.” Your chances of getting the balance just right are much greater if you work with a financial advisor who combines what Parker refers to as the “accumulated knowledge of financial science” with in-depth knowledge about you.

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