I Invite You to Visit ExecutiveLeadersRadio.com

As a farm boy from Nebraska I grew up in a close knit community where your word was your bond. A personal connection to both my community and my work has always been integral to my happiness. Early in my career when I was an accountant, I changed professions primarily because I did not have self-satisfaction in my work. When I transitioned to the wealth management industry, I realized it was the satisfaction I gained from interacting with clients one-on-one, and doing all I could to help them reach their goals that was missing from my previous work.

Today, I enjoy trusting and productive long-term relationships with a wonderful group of clients. And through my involvement with Executive Leaders Radio, I get to help share the inspirational stories and words of wisdom of successful business owners and executives. We hope their stories inspire and motivate young men and women.

You may want to encourage the young people you know to listen to past broadcasts of the show at Executive Leaders Radio. And please feel free to contact me if you would like to recommend a business owner or executive we should interview on the program.

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