How We Work

At Bernhardt Wealth Management, we use the Strategic Wealth Management Process and Strategic Investment Management Process, two proprietary systems that help us work toward three very important goals:

  • To get to know you so that we thoroughly understand your motivation, values and goals
  • To develop a long-range strategy and implement a portfolio that is true to those values and goals
  • To systematically review each portfolio to ensure that it stays on course as your life circumstances and the markets change

Throughout our relationship, we perform the duties of a Personal Chief Financial Officer. Once we implement the plan that you approve, we keep you apprised of what is happening with your money, alert you to any factors that may influence your situation, and make recommendations on the smartest ways to help you meet your goals.

As your Personal Chief Financial Officer we are also Fee Only Financial Advisors and Fiduciaries with the following characteristics:

  • We are truly independent and are not agents for any wirehouse, bank or insurance company.
  • We do not receive commissions of any kind on anything we recommend.
  • We do not receive fees or compensation from any third party.
  • We are compensated only by our clients.
  • We are held to a fiduciary standard and are legally bound to provide advice based upon what is in your best interest.
  • Most individuals in the financial services industry are held to the suitability standard and have conflicts of interest associated with their employment and/or selling commission-based products.