Does the Pope Need Financial Advice?

Saving for retirement is hard work – and that’s why it helps to have a good laugh about it every once in a while. A few weeks ago “Saturday Night Live” capitalized on Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation from the Vatican with a commercial for “Papal Securities,” the ultimate niche market firm dedicated to only serving popes.

Pope Benedict is the only living pope to have abdicated his position, so it makes the question from SNL’s Jason Sudeikis relevant:  “What will you do when you retire? What will you do after you’re pope?”

Luckily, the Pope has a financial plan, and declares, “Papal Securities made sure my future was bright.”

This skit reminded me of another SNL skit I enjoyed years ago, which hit on one of my favorite topics: How investors cannot trust big brokerage firms to act in their best interests.
Have a quick laugh at these skits, and know that we take planning for your retirement very seriously.

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