Client Survey Results

Our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions with their money so they can make work optional and can focus on creating a quality of life that reflects their deepest values. Critical to that process is providing a consistently high level of service that meets the needs of individual clients. This year we contracted an independent consultant to conduct an audit of our client base to ensure that the service we provide is appropriate. We are very pleased to say that the results were overwhelmingly positive.

Summary of Results
(All scores are out of five.)

4.9  –  Overall satisfaction with Bernhardt Wealth Management
5.0  –  Bernhardt Wealth Management (BWM) is trustworthy
4.8  –  BWM is helping me create a better financial future
4.7  –  BWM gives me peace of mind
4.8  –  BWM is proactive in managing our relationship
4.7  –  BWM understands my goals for the future
4.7  –  BWM regularly reviews my goals and objectives
4.8  –  BWM puts my needs first when making recommendations
4.9  –  BWM demonstrates leadership during turbulent markets
4.8  –  The frequency with which BWM contacts me is appropriate
4.9  –  I am confident in the skills of BWM’s team
4.8  –  I would recommend the services of BWM to others

You might also be interested to know that our clients say that the four things that are most important to them in any relationship with a financial advisor are as follows:

  • Working with an advisor who is trustworthy
  • Receiving advice to help create a better financial future
  • Working with someone who places my needs first when making recommendations
  • Having confidence in the advisor’s team

We were, therefore, pleased to receive such high ratings on these dimensions and want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each of our clients for the opportunity to serve them.  Thank you!

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