CFA to Congress: Ignore Misleading Industry Arguments and Allow SEC to Proceed with Fiduciary Rule

In January, in response to a requirement of the Dodd Frank law, the SEC delivered a report to Congress recommending that broker-dealers be subject to the same fiduciary standard of care as investment advisors. However, the SEC delayed imposing the fiduciary rule to conduct a cost benefit analysis. In advance of the SEC’s planned July meeting to address those findings, advocates for imposing a universal fiduciary duty are urging the SEC to enact the rule.

Notably, the Consumer Federation of America’s (CFA) Director of Investor Protection Barbara Roper recently wrote to U.S. House members urging them not to be swayed by misleading arguments from a small segment of the broker-dealer community. In her letter, Roper contested the view set forth mainly by brokers whose business model depends on the sale of high-cost variable annuities, that imposing a universal fiduciary standard could have “unintended consequences” for middle income investors.

Roper wrote, “The SEC has proposed a way to move forward on fiduciary duty that maximizes investor protections while minimizing industry disruption. In doing so, it has won broad support from industry and investor advocates alike. It would be tragic if opposition from a few industry members intent on maintaining the status quo were able to derail that progress. Despite the self-interested claims of certain industry members, it is the middle income investors who must make every dollar count who are most in need of these enhanced protections.”

I couldn’t agree more. I am proud that the Bernhardt Wealth Management team serves our clients as a fiduciary and look forward to the day when all investors can be confident that all financial advisors act only in their clients’ best interests.

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