CDO Chief Daddy Officer

Many of you know that Bernhardt Wealth Managment has two traditions during the Holiday Season.  One is that we make contributions to charities in honor of our clients and the other is that we send our clients and strategic relationships a book.  This year is the 14th year we have sent a book, and we were pleased to send CDO Chief Daddy Officer: The Business of Fatherhood by Christos Efessiou.

Chris told me about the book when I first met him last year. As soon as he described the premise of CDO, I knew it would be an outstanding candidate for our gift book. My instincts proved correct when I had the opportunity to read a draft this summer.

I recommend this book to business owners, executives and employees; parents and grandparents; and teenagers, college students and recent graduates. There are lessons that every reader can apply to his or her life. One lesson we can apply is to leverage our business skills to the business of life.

Chris signing books in my office

One reason I like the book so much is that it confirms the reason I started my own independent, fee-only firm to give objective, conflict-free advice to our clients. My passion is to touch each client’s life in a way that allows them to lead the life they want to lead. For some clients hiring us as their personal chief financial officer means they have more time to spend with their family. For others it means they have more time to focus on their business/profession. And for others it means they have more time to give back to their communities or charities that are important to them.

Money is a tool. Peace and contentment do not increase as our net worth increases. Peace and contentment are the byproducts of realizing what is important to you and spending more energy on those things. I don’t think Chris will look back at any point in his life and say “I wish I spent less time with my daughter and more time day trading.”

Chris signing books in my office

I encourage you to get his book (if you don’t already have it) and hope you find it inspirational and motivational.  I also invite you to contact me to let me know what you liked about the book.  And finally, I hope you consider writing a review of the book on Amazon.

The entire Bernhardt Wealth Management team and I wish you a happy, safe and rewarding Holiday Season! Please let us know if we can leverage our skills and knowledge to help you or someone you know achieve and pursue what is important to you or them.

Chris and me holding one of the books he signed

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