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Saving for Retirement

Many Americans are taking advantage of the Roth IRA, with its $5,500 annual contribution limit ($6,500 for those 50 or older), to sock away money for retirement and enjoy nontaxable growth on the invested funds. While Roth IRAs, unlike traditional … Continue Reading

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Three Steps to a More Secure Retirement

Financial planners often hear the question: “Am I putting enough aside for retirement?” It isn’t surprising, especially as people reach “a certain age,” that they start wondering about this, especially since “not being a burden to my children in my … Continue Reading

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Should You Have a Retirement Timeline?

Those who are working toward retirement often focus all of their energy on making sure their asset base for retirement is adequate and well positioned in the market. To a degree, this makes sense; when we are working, and especially … Continue Reading

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Pay Attention to the Fees in Your 401(k) Plan

I’ll summarize my takeaways below, but if you have 20 minutes, watch this entertaining segment from John Oliver: “Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” He discusses how anyone can call him or herself an advisor without having any required … Continue Reading

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Retirement Decisions

Kiplinger’s 10 Financial Decisions You Will Regret in Retirement outlines some major mistakes you can make when planning for retirement. And, as in any endeavor, the most serious potential errors are those you cannot correct or recover from. As the … Continue Reading

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Homemakers Take Note

A new report, Homemakers Are Not Off the Hook: How Should They Be Planning for Retirement?, underscores that women and men who stay home to care for children need to focus on retirement planning. Two-thirds (67%) of homemakers globally got a … Continue Reading

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Half of Adults are Behind on Retirement Planning

You’ve been startled by statistics like this before: Fifty-three percent of U.S. adults have not started making financial arrangements for retirement. A new Genworth study “Aging and Retirement: A Generational Perspective” also found that four out of 10 respondents admitted … Continue Reading

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Thoughts on Having a Secure Retirement

A new book by Wharton finance professor Richard Marston, Investing for a Lifetime: Managing Wealth for the “New Normal,” dispels some common beliefs about what Americans need to save for retirement. For example, although recent reports suggest Americans should save … Continue Reading

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How Much Retirement Income Can Your 401(k) Produce?

In the wake of the Enron scandal and the credit crisis of 2008, employers have taken some steps to shore up the 401(k), the backbone of the nation’s private retirement-savings system. However, Nobel laureate Robert C. Merton says that plan … Continue Reading

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Timing of IRA Contributions Can Help or Hurt You

The early bird catches the worm – and, in the investment world, also potential for greater returns. Think about this: IRA investors can make IRA contributions any time from January 1 of the tax year to the following year’s April … Continue Reading

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