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Paying Off Your Mortgage: Is It Worth It?

In previous times, people approaching retirement were also looking forward to having a debt-free home. In fact, retiring and paying off the mortgage became almost simultaneous rites of passage for those who had spent the previous thirty years or more … Continue Reading

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The Stock Market or Real Estate?

Almost everyone knows the three most important factors for investing in real estate: location, location, and location. Certainly, over the last several years, we have seen wildly different changes in the value of both residential and commercial real estate, with … Continue Reading

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Is a Second Home in Your Future?

At a certain point, maybe as the last college tuition payment is on the horizon, many people feel suddenly flush with cash and begin to talk more seriously about buying that second home. Here are a few questions I often … Continue Reading

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Can Owning Real Estate Increase Your Income?

Real Estate is recovering from its worst decline since the Great Depression, and, in some markets, institutional investors are giving the sector a lift. I read an article, Housing vs. Stocks, where Rob Brown, Ph.D., CFA, Chief Investment Strategist at United Capital … Continue Reading

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