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Paying Off Your Mortgage: Is It Worth It?

In previous times, people approaching retirement were also looking forward to having a debt-free home. In fact, retiring and paying off the mortgage became almost simultaneous rites of passage for those who had spent the previous thirty years or more … Continue Reading

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The Surprising Resiliency of the Stock Market

A recent report from J. P. Morgan Asset Management highlights a number of interesting facts, including this one: the S&P 500 index has exhibited a positive intra-year return in twenty-eight of the last thirty-seven years. In other words, 75 percent … Continue Reading

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Emerging Markets: What You Should Know

With the US stock market hanging around all-time highs, and with the nagging prospect of at least slightly higher interest rates, many investors are wondering how much more upside can be expected from domestic stocks. Others are eyeing overseas markets–particularly … Continue Reading

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The Stock Market or Real Estate?

Almost everyone knows the three most important factors for investing in real estate: location, location, and location. Certainly, over the last several years, we have seen wildly different changes in the value of both residential and commercial real estate, with … Continue Reading

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What Is the Value of a Financial Advisor?

What is value? The answer seems simple in one sense: Value is what something is worth. We apply this principle every day when we make purchases. If the value we attach to a certain object or service is equal to … Continue Reading

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What to Do when the Markets are Up, Down or Sideways?

Our country recently experienced one of the most raucous and divisive presidential elections in recent memory. And, since January, we have been bombarded with news related to the new president’s actions and policies. Depending on your preferred news source, the … Continue Reading

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Prophets and Profits: Beware Those Cloudy Crystal Balls

A friend of mine tells about a former colleague, a stockbroker, who was famous around the office for his frequent, dire financial predictions. “He successfully predicted five of the last two bear markets,” my friend remarked. On the other side, … Continue Reading

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Risks & Rewards of International Investing: Part II

In our last article, we noted that international factors are very much on investors’ minds as they look toward 2017. According to a recent Morgan Stanley survey, four of investors’ top five concerns for this year arise from global trends. … Continue Reading

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Risks & Rewards of International Investing: Part I

A December 2016 article on reported on a Morgan Stanley survey of investors that listed respondents’ top five financial worries for 2017. In order from greatest to least, these were: The breakup of the European Union; A recession in … Continue Reading

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There’s an ETF for That — or Not

Morningstar’s annual ETF report finds that as of December 6, 2016, 220 new exchange-traded products (ETP) (inclusive of exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded notes) were launched in the U.S. market in 2016. This places 2016 fourth behind 2007, 2015 and 2011 … Continue Reading

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