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The Wells Fargo Controversy

There’s some pop song on the radio that repeats the question, “Is it too late to say sorry?” That question would have been a better defense than what John Stumpf, chief executive of Wells Fargo Bank, offered a Senate Committee … Continue Reading

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Protecting Your Accounts from Thieves

Did you see USA Today‘s report where a would-be thief tried to dupe a financial advisor into making a withdrawal from a client’s account? The impersonating e-mail carried instructions to wire $15,850 into an account at PNC Bank and was … Continue Reading

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If It Sounds too Good to Be True, You Can Bet That It Is

A recent article in the Washington Post, “Children’s Charity Victim of Ponzi Scheme,” caught my eye. Looking to protect its endowment in 2008’s difficult market, the DC-based Hillcrest Children’s Center invested in what Garfield Taylor of Gibraltar Asset Management Group … Continue Reading

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Protecting Seniors from Financial Scams

We’ve all received emails riddled with misspellings from scam artists notifying us that a vast amount of cash is just waiting for us to claim, or that something’s amiss with our bank account. All we need to do is enter … Continue Reading

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