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Keeping Your Finances Safe Online

With more and more financial data being stored in and accessed by computers (and even mobile phones), and with untold millions of transactions taking place on the websites of retailers, banks, and others, it has never been more important to … Continue Reading

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Protecting the Finances of Aging Parents

These days, we are becoming more and more familiar with the term, “Sandwich Generation:” those who are faced with the dual prospect of providing ongoing financial support for struggling adult children and simultaneously watching over aging parents who are becoming … Continue Reading

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The Wells Fargo Controversy

There’s some pop song on the radio that repeats the question, “Is it too late to say sorry?” That question would have been a better defense than what John Stumpf, chief executive of Wells Fargo Bank, offered a Senate Committee … Continue Reading

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Protecting Your Accounts from Thieves

Did you see USA Today‘s report where a would-be thief tried to dupe a financial advisor into making a withdrawal from a client’s account? The impersonating e-mail carried instructions to wire $15,850 into an account at PNC Bank and was … Continue Reading

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If It Sounds too Good to Be True, You Can Bet That It Is

A recent article in the Washington Post, “Children’s Charity Victim of Ponzi Scheme,” caught my eye. Looking to protect its endowment in 2008’s difficult market, the DC-based Hillcrest Children’s Center invested in what Garfield Taylor of Gibraltar Asset Management Group … Continue Reading

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Protecting Seniors from Financial Scams

We’ve all received emails riddled with misspellings from scam artists notifying us that a vast amount of cash is just waiting for us to claim, or that something’s amiss with our bank account. All we need to do is enter … Continue Reading

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