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Give Your Retirement Plan a Boost

Good news from the IRS? This probably sounds like an oxymoron to many people. However, IRS notice 2017-64, released recently, actually contains some positive tidings for many taxpayers; it raises the annual contribution limits on most retirement plans, starting January … Continue Reading

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401(k) Plan Basics

If you work for a company that sponsors a retirement plan, you should certainly take full advantage of this excellent opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis. But many people are hazy on the details of how various … Continue Reading

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Will the DOL’s Fiduciary Rule Survive?

A few weeks ago, RIA Biz ran an interesting article on the fate of the DOL’s fiduciary rule where MarketCounsel president and CEO Brian Hamburger predicted a Trump administration would move to repeal the DOL rule prior to it becoming … Continue Reading

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Pay Attention to the Fees in Your 401(k) Plan

I’ll summarize my takeaways below, but if you have 20 minutes, watch this entertaining segment from John Oliver: “Retirement Plans: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” He discusses how anyone can call him or herself an advisor without having any required … Continue Reading

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The Recent DOL Fiduciary Ruling

Earlier this year (in April to be specific) the Department of Labor issued their much anticipated “fiduciary ruling” which impacts many 401(k) plans sold to employers by the financial services industry and its brokers. You can read the following two … Continue Reading

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Is the DOL Fiduciary Rule Here to Stay?

We heard some good news about the Department of Labor’s (DOL) new fiduciary regulations last week. William McNabb, chairman and chief executive officer of Vanguard, said at the Morningstar Investment Conference last week that he believes the new regulations will … Continue Reading

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DOL’s Fiduciary Ruling Faces Legal Challenge

The lawsuit everyone has been waiting finally arrived last week, perhaps opening the litigation flood gates. As John Manganaro writes in “Anticipated Lawsuit against DOL Fiduciary Rule Has Arrived,” a coalition of national financial and business trade groups has filed … Continue Reading

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Auto Enrollment’s Impact on 401(k) Plan Participation

When it comes to saving for retirement, getting started is the biggest hurdle for most investors. For Baby Boomers, access to tax-advantaged retirement savings plans like 401(k) plans often provide the necessary nudge. Today, Millennials and all plan participants are receiving … Continue Reading

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Much Ado about Excessive Fees in 401(k) Plans

A recent Supreme Court decision could have broad ramifications. On May 18, in Tibble v. Edison International, #13-550, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of participants in Edison International’s retirement plan who objected to their company choosing mutual funds … Continue Reading

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Department of Labor’s Proposed Amendment to the Fiduciary Rule

(Note: Last week we discussed the new rules proposed by the Department of Labor (DOL) to require financial advisors act solely in their clients’ best interests when investing for retirement. If you missed it click here: A Fiduciary Standard for … Continue Reading

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