BWM Cares 2011

The Holidays are a time of tradition and giving.  For nine consecutive years we offered to make contributions to charities in honor of our clients instead of sending gift baskets duing the Holiday Season.

We are proud to have contributed $4,700 to 20 local and national charities and $12,460 to the following six local charities in honor of our clients:

The response we get from each charity is similar to the response we received from a hospice facility this year:  “What a wonderful tradition of honoring your clients and helping charities fulfill their mission!  Thank you for selecting us for this donation!”

And just as important, we thank our clients for allowing us to serve them.  Without our clients we would not be able to help the charities that our clients identified.  Thank you!

We hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and hope you have a happy, safe, healthy and prosperous year in 2012!

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