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 Time for that Other Talk with Your Adult Children (9/2/2014)

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This Summer, Try a Family Meeting on Vacation (5/13/2014)

What We Can Learn from Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Estate Planning Mistakes (4/8/2014)

Loneliness: An Unexpected Threat to Longevity (3/11/3014)
Loneliness can have serious health consequences for older people.

Thoughts on Raising Financially Responsible Children (2/11/2014)
Clients often ask for advice on how to teach their children to be financially responsible and charitable.

How to Keep Your Property Safe in 2014 (1/14/2014)
We keep an eye on investment risk, but it’s also important that you guard against the risk of property theft.

2013 Tax Management Strategies to Consider (12/16/2013)

Dr. Eugene Fama Wins Noble Prize (11/12/2013)
Economist Eugene Fama, a Director and Consultant of DFA, has been in the news.

How Will the Changing Health Insurance Landscape Impact You? (10/8/2013)
Information about the Affordable Care Act and health care reform benefits.

Is a Bond Bubble about to Burst? (9/10/2013)
After a long period of low yields, interest rates look to be on the rise.

Fiduciary Rule Would Keep Investor Protection Simple (8/13/2013)
The important topic of operating as a fiduciary.

Decisions, Decisions: When to Take Social Security (7/9/2013)
Less than 3% of those claiming Social Security do so in a way that maximizes their benefit.

Do You Know the Health of Your 401(k)? (6/11/2013)
“The Retirement Gamble” offers examples.

The Art of Letting Go by Jim Davis  (5/31/2013)
Does intense activity and constant monitoring of results represent the path to investment success?

A Big Bank’s Effort Underscores the Value of the Advisory Relationship (5/14/2013)
Personal relationships are essential in banking. But what defines “personal”?

Child Identity Theft is a Real Threat (4/9/2013)
A report on why and how to protect your children’s information.

Confidence in the Market is Booming (3/13/2013)
The Spectrem survey  numbers reflect optimism.

The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (2/4/2013)
What has changed for taxpayers.

Women Must Resolve to Save More for Retirement (1/7/2013)
Studies underscore that women need to increase their savings.

Tax Planning in a Time of Historic Uncertainty (12/3/2012)
Studies underscore that women need to increase their savings.

Spotlight on Healthcare and Concierge Care (11/6/2012)
Are you satisfied with your health insurance?

Why Do You Need a Business Valuation? (10/4/2012)
Most small business owners don’t know what their business is worth.

What Can Michael Phelps Teach Investors? (8/272012)
You need a trusted coach and a solid plan in your corner.

What Makes a Great Financial Advisor?(8/9/2012)
The “Six Cs” a trusted advisor should have.

Second Quarter 2012 Market Review (7/16/2012)
Link to our Quarterly Market Review presentation download.

Get Ready for Taxmageddon (7/2/2012)
Tax Increases and New Taxes Lurk on the Horizon.

Does “Too Big to Fail” Mean “Too Big to Care”? (6/5/2012)
Choose a Boutique RIA Firm Over the Wirehouses

Are You and Your Spouse on the Same Page... (5/7/2012)
When it Comes to Retirement?

Warren Buffett’s 2012 Letter to Shareholders (4/10/2012)
Inspiration and advice from a first-class businessman.

Tax Outlook (3/13/2012)
Plan for uncertainty with a multi-year view.

How Can Women Save More for Retirement? (2/4/2012)
There’s a gender gap in levels of confidence in a comfortable retirement

Studying Behavioral Finance (1/4/2012)
Studying Behavioral Finance can lead to better investment decisions.

New Rules for Contributing to IRAs and 401(k)s (12/8/2011)
Stay current with the changes and take advantage of savings opportunities.

Get a Head Start on 2011 Tax Management(11/8/2011)
Plenty is uncertain about the future of the American tax code, but today’s market provides opportunities.

Investment Truths for All Seasons (10/6/2011)
Recently, even the most proven investment tenets are coming under fire.

Federal Debt and Budget Crises in Perspective (9/1/2011)
What the debate has taught us.

New 401(k) Regulations Focus on Excessive Fees (8/3/2011)
How high is too high for 401(k) fees?

Boomers Face Longevity Risk (7/5/2011)
Worries about outliving assets loom.

The Death of Buy and Hold Has Been Exaggerated (6/8/2011)
This investment philosophy has come under fire.

Post-Recession Early Retirement Planning Advice (5/9/2011)
It’s okay to talk about retirement again.

Long-term Charitable Planned Giving (4/12/2011)
As We Rally to Aid Japan, We Might Also Think about Our Long-term Charitable Planned Giving.

Short-term Bonds vs. Long-term Bonds (3/8/2011)
Can short-term bonds beat long-term bonds to reduce portfolio risk?

The Tax Relief Act of 2010  (2/3/2011)
What does it mean for you?

How do you manage the risk in today’s market? (1/4/2011)
The relationship between risk and return.

Divide and Conquer (12/7/2010)
Take the worry out of retirement with a split annuity strategy.

The Personal Chief Financial Officer (11/3/2010)
A Personal Chief Financial Officer helps you plan for the future and enjoy the present.

Taxing Times Ahead (10/5/2010)
Certain tax cuts are set to expire in 2010.

Exercise Caution When Naming Your IRA Beneficiary (9/7/2010)
When your IRA is left to a living trust, some inflexibilities may result.

Do You Have an Exit Plan? (8/4/2010)
You need a strategy for the success of your business after you retire.

Second Quarter 2010 Market Commentary (7/16/2010)
Link to our multi-media Quarterly Review.

Give College Funding the Old College Try (7/7/2010)
Saving for college? You can start right now with these tips.

The Sandwich Generation (6/2/2010)
Shouldering the pressures of caring for aging parents or living with adult children.

Estate Tax Update (5/5/2010)
A repeal of the federal estate tax is in effect for 2010.

First Quarter 2010 Market Commentary (4/19/2010)
Link to our multi-media Quarterly Review.

Get More for Your Charitable Dollars (4/7/2010)
Donor-Advised Funds are a flexible option for your philanthropic legacy.

To Convert or Not to Convert —That is the Question (3/3/2010)
A new opportunity for Roth IRA conversion.

The Credit CARD Act of 2009 (2/3/2010)
What does it mean for consumers?

Fourth Quarter 2009 Market Commentary (1/15/2010)
Link to our multimedia Quarterly Review.

Don’t Be Fooled by Gold’s Glitter (1/4/2010)
Is gold really the asset some like to say it is?

The Ultimate Gift (12/2/2009
Sharing Your Values through Family Philanthropy

Sizing Up Risk (11/4/2009)
The inter-related factors that inform your risk tolerance.

Third Quarter 2009 Market Commentary (10/19/2009)
Link to our multi-media Quarterly Review.

Defining My Fiduciary Standard (10/7/2009)
What does it mean to be a fiduciary?

Opportunities Abound (9/2/2009)
Getting a head start on tax season with strategies to consider now.

New SPIVA Scorecard (8/5/2009)
New SPIVA Scorecard Debunks Myth that Active Managers Add Value in a Market Downturn.

Second Quarter 2009 Market Commentary (7/20/2009)
New Feature on our website, with link to multimedia Review.

Worried About Inflation? Stay Diversified (7/1/2009)
Inflationary pressures can impact your retirement.

Behavioral Finance (6/3/2009)
What You Don’t Know About Investment Decision-Making Can Hurt You.

Blue Light Special (5/7/2009)
Now May be the Time to Convert Your Traditional IRA to a Roth IRA.

Determining a Safe Retirement Withdrawal Rate (4/8/2009)
Considering the “4-percent solution.”

Focus on the Potential for Gain in the Gloom (3/4/2009)
Planning opportunities in the down market.

Worker, Retiree, and Employer Recovery Act (2/4/2009)
WRERA suspends 2009 required minimum distributions and grants rollover flexibility.

A Tragic Case of Misplaced Trust (1/7/2009)
Lessons to be learned from the Madoff story.

Protect Your Estate Plan (12/2/2008)
Tips for checking your beneficiary forms.

Is Financial Change on the Horizon? (10/28/2008)
Spotlight on the 2008 Presidential Candidates’ Tax Plans.

Will the Capital Gains Tax Rate Change? (10/7/2008)
Capital gains rates may increase as current tax laws expire.

Introducing the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (9/2/2008)
A bill for relief for the ailing housing industry.

Our Argument for Passive Investing (8/7/2008)
A new study quantifies the costs of active trading.

Understanding Medicaid Reform (7/1/2008)
The financial considerations for long-term care.

Always wanted a Roth IRA? (6/3/2008)
Income Limits for IRA Conversions Set to Disappear in 2010.

Mother Knows Best (5/6/2008)
Words of wisdom for today’s uncertain market.

Need to Get Away? (4/1/2008)
Multigenerational family vacations bring you closer.

Is Now the Time to Refinance Your Mortgage? (3/4/2008)
Treasury rate changes can have an impact that hits close to home.

The Investment Policy Statement (2/5/2008)
Your Ticket to Surviving the Market’s Roller-Coaster Ride.

Financial Moves to Consider for 2008 (1/15/2008)
Resolutions you can make to be financially fit.

The Diversification Decision (12/11/2007)
Simple vs. Effective

What to Make of the Subprime Mortgage Crisis (11/7/2007)
A subprime primer.

Private Equity (10/2/2007)
An expensive and riskier way to own value companies.

The Asset Allocation Decision (9/4/2007)
Asset allocation is the strategy we employ to help manage risk in a portfolio.

Risk and Return Are Related (8/6/2007)
A realistic view of risk-return dynamics.

Living With Risk (7/3/2007)
Understanding the nature of investment risk can help you plan for it.

Behavioral Finance (6/6/2007)
Human nature often compromises investment returns.

Getting the Big Things Right (5/9/2007)
Key financial concepts to always keep in mind.

Crunching the Retirement Numbers (4/11/2007)
We study the crucial questions for anyone entering retirement.

The Merrill Lynch Rule (3/14/2007)
Second in a series on the fiduciary relationship.

The Responsibilities of a Wealth Manager (2/7/2007)
What is a Fiduciary?

Happy New Year! (1/3/2007)
There are no crystal balls to foresee what’s going to happen in the markets and the economy.

Protecting Your Future (11/7/2006)
The new Pension Protection Act may prove to be helpful to you.

A New World for IRAs (10/30/2006)
The Tax Increase Prevention and Reconciliation Act changes rules for Roth IRAs.

The Alternative Nightmare (9/5/2006)
The bad news about the Alternative Minimum Tax.

Giving It All Away (8/1/2006)
Buffet’s big giveaway may hold some valuable lessons.

Working the Net (7/11/2006)
A world of data for internet investing.

The Housing Bubble: The Big Picture (6/6/2006)
Do rising prices necessarily constitute a “bubble”?

It’s a Small World (5/9/2006)
In today’s truly globalized economy, international investing is worth considering. In fact, ignoring investment opportunities outside the United States may come at a very high cost.

Retirement: The Big Picture (4/4/2006)
Keeping your income growing throughout your retirement is the best way to maintain your standard of living.

The Mid-Tier Millionaire (3/7/2006)
Mid-tier millionaires have complex wealth management challenges.

Giving Something Back (2/7/2006)
How to establish a family tradition of philanthropic giving for years to come.

Keeping Your Resolve (1/3/2006)
Learn some simple rules to help you stay on your financial track.

Behavioral Finance (12/6/2005)
The science of Behavioral Finance explains the human factor in investing.

Tax Time Already? (11/1/2005)
Timely tactics for planning ahead.

Facing Disaster (10/4/2005)
No one is immune to disaster, but it can help to be prepared.

A Family Tradition (9/6/2005)
How and why to make charitable giving a family tradition.

Portrait of an Identity Theft (8/2/2005)
Identity theft and identity fraud are two of the fastest growing crimes in the U.S.

Preparing Your Parents (7/6/2005)
Asking the right questions about your parents estate planning needs.

Steroids And Other Performance-Enhancers (6/7/2005)
Investments on steroids? Some performance enhancers to watch out for in your portfolio.

The Human Interface (5/4/2005)
A good financial advisor understands his client’s values, goals, fears and dreams.

Electronic Identity Theft (2/25/2005)
Protect your most valuable financial asset.

Investing Women (8/26/2004)
Knowledge and experience bring results.

Umbrella Coverage (2/21/2004)
The first line of defense in asset protection.

The AMT Bite (2/21/2004)
A stealth tax that may kill your tax breaks.

End of the (Long) Run? (2/21/2004)
Market timing challenges policy investing again.

Market Efficiency (7/9/2003)
What investors must learn about stock pricing.

Bond Warnings (7/9/2003)
Prepare for rising interest rates.

Asset Allocation (7/9/2003)
Your best move in any investment climate.